Terms and Conditions – Art of Sydney 2021

Art of Sydney Exhibition

Terms & Conditions




  1. ENTRIES – Entry to this Awards Exhibition is restricted to current members of the member Societies of the Combined Art Societies of Sydney Inc. A current list of member societies is available at https://combinedartsocieties.com/members/ Eligible artists may submit a maximum of Six (6) paintings.
  2. ENTRY FEES– A non-refundable entry fee of $15.00 will apply for each exhibit entered in Sections 1 to 4. The Entry Fee for Sections 5 and 6 will be $8.00 per painting.
  3. ENTRY FORM– The entry form is to be filled in online and will be available at https://artofsydneyexhibition.com/members/ at  from 1st October 2020. When the entry and payment is confirmed, the artist will be provided with instructions for uploading images of their artwork.
  4. ENTRIES CLOSE– Tuesday 1st December 2020 at 6pm. No entries will be accepted after 6pm.
  5. ENTRY IMAGES– Images of paintings may be uploaded to the website from 1st November 2020 until 6pm on the 20th December 2020. Instructions will be provided to each artist for uploading and identification of images.
  6. IMAGE QUALITY– As the artworks are to be judged based on the image you provide, it is important the image is of good quality and sufficient resolution that it can be clearly depicted on the web site and ‘zoomed’ for close-up viewing. For each painting the image must be between 0.5MB and 1MB in size and at least 1000 pixels on any side.  One extra image of paintings will be permitted showing it hanging on the wall with other objects included to indicate the painting’s size and frame etc. There are numerous websites which provide assistance in taking good photographs of your artwork such as the Museums & Galleries of NSW at  https://mgnsw.org.au/sector/resources/online-resources/digital/how-photograph-painting-or-two-dimensional-artwork/


  • Any substrateor support is acceptable, details to be provided for each artwork when the images are uploaded.
  • Abstract Paintingswill only be accepted in Section 4 Abstract.
  • Framingis not required for the online exhibition but should be used as appropriate for the support and medium chosen for the artwork. The Combined Art Societies of Sydney expect the works to be of high quality including any framing used in order to maintain the standard of excellence the Art of Sydney has enjoyed for 30 years.

Section 1         OIL or ACRYLIC PAINTED AS OIL.  Subjects painted in traditional or contemporary mode will be accepted.

Section 2         WATER MEDIUM. Subjects painted in a traditional or contemporary mode, using watercolour techniques, will be accepted. Water based mediums include watercolour, gouache, ink or acrylic Painted as watercolour.

Section 3         DRAWING AND MIXED MEDIA. Any subject. Mediums include charcoal, pastel, ink, paint and collage on any surface. Prints are accepted.

Section 4         ABSTRACT.  The artwork should not represent scenes or objects naturalistically, even in an extremely distorted or exaggerated way.  The artwork should be based on colour, shapes, brushstrokes, size, scale, process.  Prints are accepted.  Any medium.

Section 5         9” by 5”.  The artwork image size must be 9 inches by 5 inches.  PRINTS – the exposed image excludes the white space used for the title, the edition and the signature. Any medium.

Section 6         MINIATURES. The artwork image size must be no more than 100sq cm (10cm x 10cm or any variation less han this). PRINTS – the exposed image of prints excludes the white space used for the title, the edition and the signature.  The artwork shall depict an object or person in nature, painted in the spirit of miniaturisation.   Any medium.

  1. NUMBER AND SIZE OF WORKS – Each artist may submit a total of 6 works. There is no maximum size limit in Sections 1, 2, 3, and 4. For all sections, artists must consider how works will be delivered to the buyer (postal or courier services) and be prepared to wrap appropriately to prevent damage in transit. The Combined Art Societies of Sydney will not be held responsible for damaged artworks or artworks that do not match their online specifications and appearance.
  2. ORIGINALITY– Entries must be the original work of the artist that have been completed in the 24 months prior to the exhibition. Copies of any other person’s work or paintings produced in workshops will not be eligible for judging or inclusion.  Paintings shown in previous CASS exhibitions will not be accepted.
  3. COMMISSION– 25% commission will be charged on all sales.
  4. GST COMPLIANCE– The CASS is not registered to collect GST. Therefore, as an artist, if you are registered for GST please include the 10% GST in your listed price, and CASS will pay the relevant amount of GST to you along with any money owing to you from sale of paintings.
  5. WITHHOLDING TAX– The Australian Taxation Department requires CASS to withhold 48.5% of money owing to an artist as a result of a painting being sold unless the artist has quoted an ABN, or is a hobbyist as defined under the Act. Please ensure you have completed the Artist’s Declaration in full on the Entry Form.  For Hobby artistsA ‘Statement by a Supplier Form’ will be required and can be emailed to combinedsocieties@yahoo.com.au
  6. SELECTION OF PAINTINGS – As this exhibition is virtual there will be no pre-selection of paintings. CASS reserves the right to refuse to accept an entry if the subject matter is deemed unsuitable for exhibition in the same manner the work would have been reviewed in the usual physical pre-selection process.
  7. JUDGING– will take place before the 10th January 2021.
  8. INSURANCE– Exhibitors should consider whether or not insurance is required for delivery of artworks to buyers and make their own arrangements.
  9. PUBLICITY– The committee reserves the right to allow reproduction by the CASS, the media or TV, or CASS photographer of any entry accepted for the exhibition.
  10. DELIVERY OF SOLD WORKS– It is the responsibility of the artist to ensure the works are well wrapped and supported for delivery to the buyer by post or courier. Artists should factor the approximate delivery costs within NSW into their sale price. A rule of thumb can be found on the Australia Post website at – https://auspost.com.au/business/shipping/check-postage-costs based on state, size and/or weight of parcels.
  11. DESCRIPTION OF ARTWORK – Artists must ensure the description of their artwork and image provided are true, as work could be returned if the customer says the artwork was not as described. CASS does not take any responsibility for over enhanced images, poorly framed or damaged works or untrue descriptions.
  • DIRECT DEPOSITS –Please note – these payments should be made ‘online’ and NOT over the counter at the bank. Payments made over the counter cannot be identified as requested and therefore your payment may not be recognized.
    Direct Deposit – CASS BANK ACCOUNT – BSB 032-055 – Account No. 252762
    Please use the code AS followed by your Surname and the first letter of your given name, eg: ASLittleV.

Direct Deposits should be made within one day of your online Entry Form being submitted.
PAYMENTS MAY ALSO BE MADE VIA PAYPAL to combinedartsocieties@yahoo.com please use the same code as above
(Please note this is an email address for PayPal processing and is different to the usual CASS contact email).

  1. ALTERATIONS – Note: Once your Entry has been received no alterations may be made at a later date.