Art of Sydney


The Art of Sydney Awards Exhibition

will be on again, celebrating 30 years,

 at the Australian National Maritime Museum

24th – 28th January 2020.

2020 Art of Sydney Entry Form

Please note:

The form was updated 13 November 2019 to correct information relating to sponsors. The blank pages in the entry form are intentional to assist with printing. To be eligible to enter the Art of Sydney Awards Exhibition you must be a financial member of one of the Combined’s member art societies at the time of entry. Our members’ contact details can be found under the Members tab on this site.

The 2019 Art of Sydney Awards Exhibition – Winners

Judge: Mr Ken Knight

To see all awards visit the Gallery page for Art of Sydney 2019


The Art Scene Award


“Hotel Central Tilba” by Steve Jannar

Judge’s comment “A strong and striking painting that demands attention. The artist has created a dramatic and dynamic subject by not including the sky in the work. This allows the viewer to focus on a small panel of landscape, travelling through the buildings, road and hillside in a satisfying flow and ebb fashion. I very much liked the abstraction and suggested elements that continually engage the viewer to respond to this painting. It captures a typical representation of a country town which is uniquely Australian in both colour and feel. Strong authentic colours and a good tonal range, in addition to the geometry of the buildings make this a deserving winner.

The Delaney Kelly Golding Award for Oil, or Acrylic painted as Oil Paintings


WINNER  “Coast – Beach Bag” by Phil McKay

Judge’s Comment“A strong painting in design with a distinctly contemporary feel, it captures a fundamental and important part of the Australian psyche. The positive and negative shapes interact nicely against each other and the painting has good tonal integrity and bold colour”

The Gold Leaf Framing and Combined Art Societies of Sydney Award for  9” x 5” Paintings


WINNER –  “Untitled III” by Xavier Ghazi

Judge’s Comment – “This is a delightful impressionist landscape painting. I particularly like the colour shifts and use of palette knife in creating a painting full of energy and mystery and light.”

The Delaney Kelly Golding Award for Abstract Paintings


WINNER  – “Reflections – Black Lagoon” by Joe Green

Judge’s Comment“This is an extraordinary piece of art, and made more interesting because of its mono chromatic nature. I was fascinated by the artist’s technique and the imagery that has been revealed and articulated through a skilful application of paint. It is a work that reveals and offers up something new each time it is viewed.”

The Derivan Pty Ltd and Combined Art Societies of Sydney Award for Drawing and Mixed Media


WINNER – “Woolshed Reverie” by Barbara Aroney

Judge’s Comment –“This is an intriguing painting as it has a real contemporary edge to it while being very carefully rendered. It has great sense of space and openness, while also being contained. I thought that this was a really successful work.”

The Australian Maritime Museum Award for Water Medium Paintings


WINNER –  “Still Life with Camelia” by Helen Dubrovich

Judges Comment – “This is a really beautiful painting with exquisite colour and design. The simplicity of the background juxtaposes nicely against the strong calligraphy and fine drawing in the lower and middle sections of the painting. The reduced colour in this painting and the pleasing shapes and decoration facilitates complete satisfaction to anyone fortunate enough to view this work.   I believe this to be one of the standout paintings in the show”

The Jaguar Removals Award for Miniature Paintings


WINNER – “Lost and Found” by Madeleine Szymanski

Judge’s Comment“This is a beautiful, mystical and romantic painting showing sensitivity to mood, design and strong drawing skills. I love the ethereal quality of this exceptional painting. This is undoubtedly one of the best paintings in the show and makes one realise that   great things can come in small packages!”