Art of Sydney


The Art of Sydney Awards Exhibition

 was held at the Australian National Maritime Museum

24th – 28th January 2020.

Judge: Mr Guy Troughton

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The raffle for the painting ‘Still Life with Fruit’ by Craig Penny was drawn by a representative from Careflight Australia and won by a ticket sold at Oatley101 Society of Artists.

Information about the 2021 Art of Sydney Awards Exhibition will be available in August 2020.

The Art Scene Award


“Easter Show Exhibits” by Marlene Weaver

Judge’s comment Realist, abstract, contemporary, traditional, all labels that could describe this boldly conceived work.  Although undoubtedly a fun subject, it is very hard to make a montage like this work.  Here the compositional flow of the picture joins these characterful birds together in their unnatural perspective, creating a wonderful eye-catching painting.”

The Delaney Kelly Golding Award for Oil, or Acrylic painted as Oil Paintings

WINNER  “Port of Newcastle” by John Perkins

Judge’s Comment“It’s hard to go past such an accomplished picture.  The quality speaks for itself with the controlled brushwork, the beautiful and subtle array of mixed greys, and the carefully crafted but restrained use of bold colour.”

The Australian Maritime Museum Award for Water Medium Paintings

WINNER –  “Gum Blossoms” by Patricia Johnstone

Judges Comment – “A fresh and beautifully executed watercolour of a difficult subject that here seems almost deceptive in its simplicity.  There is lovely control of technique and the play of complimentary colours works extremely well.

The Delaney Kelly Golding Award for Abstract Paintings

WINNER  – “Summer Light” by Beverley Charker

Judge’s CommentAn abstract picture with great balance that has subtle changes of colour interspersed with moments of textural change that keeps the viewer’s eye moving through and around the space it creates.”

The Derivan Pty Ltd and Combined Art Societies of Sydney Award for Drawing and Mixed Media

WINNER – “Heading Home” by Chris Haldane

Judge’s Comment –“This familiar scene is both strong in concept and bold in execution.   The choice to go monochrome was a good one, just letting the powerful perspective and carefully crafted tone do the work.”

The Radisson Hotels and Suites and Combined Art Societies of Sydney Award for Miniature Paintings

WINNER – “Hide and Seek” by Madeleine Szymanski

Judge’s CommentA beautifully conceived picture with its clever overhead vantage point and delicate but careful use of colour.  This is a nicely composed painting where each figure casts its own individual emotion on the viewer.”

The People’s Choice

‘Unveiled Soul’ – David El-Melky