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Our  CASS Art Direct Open Studio artists trail has been designed as a unique opportunity to visit the art studios of your local artists.

You are invited to participate in the Combined Art Societies of Sydney Inc Art Direct during the month of October. We are setting up a registry of all participating artists and their studio addresses, and dates and times they will be open on our website CASS Art Direct

The wider Sydney Basin is home to many creative artists and the CASS Art Direct Open Studio Weekend is an opportunity to experience the inspired and unique work of the regions’ artists.

CASS Art Direct offers an opportunity to explore the culture and character of Sydney’s many diverse communities from the Central Coast to the leafy North Shore, from the Nepean to the harbour’s shores.

Artists will set up a display of their work in the home studio, rumpus room or garage, for visitors to view their work and make purchase. The artworks offered for sale during the CASS Art Direct month may be works on paper and painting, printing or sculpture, jewellery, pottery or glass.  It may range from a small but unique gift to a large investment artwork.  There will also be the opportunity to commission special pieces.   The Combined Art Societies will not be charging a commission on the sales.

The month long Open Studio will be advertised as an opportunity for buyers to visit the studios their local artists and buy direct from the artist.